Welcome to Nerve Connect. best Acupuncture Service in Vale of Glamorgan Our approach to patient care values the
importance of the patient-practitioner relationship.

Nerve Connect Only UK Practitioner integrates a holistic approach to naturopathic healthcare and disciplines and lifestyle.

We use Electromagnetic Acupuncture (without needles) to treat ailments and illnesses.  Our therapy is a unique combination of Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage Therapy

Electro-magnetic Acupuncture is a unique patented design and is delivered through a self-improvised technique by a trained practitioner.



We usually treat our physical, spiritual, and mental problems separately, as if they were not related. For example, we see our doctor for our physical health, a healer for our spiritual health and a psychologist for our mental health. But is it possible to separate physical health from mental health and even spiritual health? Can we maintain our physical health when struggling to cope in other areas of our life?  Not really.

Our ‘Nerve Connect’ treatment Clinic, is in the Vale of Glamorgan, in the picturesque seaside village of Sully, which is the only place in the U.K. that provides holistic treatment of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Nerve Connect was not created just to alleviate the symptoms of your illnesses, but to find out their source so that your heel is on a deeper level and help suppress whatever is causing your condition.

Alternative treatment to align the natural functions of your body

Alternative Medicine considers the person, i.e., the body, mind, and environment in which the person lives, and his or her daily habits. It is about considering the sufferer as a person and not just as a patient.  Holistic healing bypasses the “Band-Aid solution” approach of conventional medicine. It looks beyond the physical state of a person and sees the wholeness of their state of being or functioning. It recognizes that the root cause of a physical illness may in fact be non-physical.

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Cupping increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, draws out toxins, and helps with cell repairs


Electro-Magnetic can maintain health and can help with illness, it increases energy levels and circulation, helps with the bodies natural healing.  It also helps with reducing pain and inflammation.


Massage relaxes muscle tissue, Improve circulation, energy and alertness, and it can also reduce pain.


Acupuncture helps by stimulating the central nervous system which then releases chemicals into the brain, spinal cord and muscles.  This then helps with the body’s natural healing abilities and helps with the physical and emotional well-being.

Muscle Rebalancing

Muscle Rebalancing restores movement and function due to illness or disabilities.  

Patient Testimonials

Danielle Hill - Client

After having to take painkillers constantly for the last 10 years or so because of constant headaches, migraines and back pain I’m now off them thanks to Louise and her amazing treatment. I was at the end of my tether with all the pain but Louise has managed to irradicate the pain and I feel like a new person. Take a look at her page and see if she is able to help you out, she treats a variety of conditions. She is an amazing person with a great sense of humour, she’s kind, compassionate, caring and is happy to help in any way she can. She comes highly recommended. I can’t shout her praises enough. So please get in touch and let her know I recommended her. You won’t regret it.

Phil Beynon - Client

I attended a consultation with Louise following neck back and knee problems. her well-equipped office is immaculate. the technique was thoroughly explained and the friendly manner and humanity I was treated with made me feel so welcome. her treatment was amazing, really stimulating muscle, posture and taking away the aches on the first course. the treatment was very specific for my needs and was amazed at how much movement was encouraged through this method. would definitely recommend Nerveconnect

Ian Hemburrow - Client

Having had back pain for over 2 years and had no improvement from physio or chiropractor tried nerve connect. After just one session the improvement was unbelievable from not being able to walk more than 50 meters without my back going into spasms I have now completed a 2-mile walk without any pain.also sleep has greatly improved as no longer in pain. Louise explains the procedure fully and makes you feel relaxed and safe can’t recommend this treatment highly enough .thanks again.


Rhys Jeffreys- Client

unbelievable, this service is life-changing! a massive thankyou to Louise who’s been amazing from start to finish, making you feel welcome and reassuring with the treatment. I feel like a different person! 5* all day long!