We usually treat our physical, spiritual, and mental problems separately, as if they were not related. For example, we see our doctor for our physical health, a healer for our spiritual health and a psychologist for our mental health. But is it possible to separate physical health from mental health and even spiritual health? Can we maintain our physical health when struggling to cope in other areas of our life?  Not really.

Our ‘Nerve Connect’ treatment Clinic, is in the Vale of Glamorgan, in the picturesque seaside village of Sully, which is the only place in the U.K. that provides holistic treatment of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Nerve Connect was not created just to alleviate the symptoms of your illnesses, but to find out their source so that your heel is on a deeper level and help suppress whatever is causing your condition.


Alternative treatment to align the natural functions of your body


Alternative Medicine considers the person, i.e., the body, mind, and environment in which the person lives, and his or her daily habits. It is about considering the sufferer as a person and not just as a patient.  Holistic healing bypasses the “Band-Aid solution” approach of conventional medicine. It looks beyond the physical state of a person and sees the wholeness of their state of being or functioning. It recognizes that the root cause of a physical illness may in fact be non-physical.


Meet Your Acupuncturist at Nerve Connect

Louise is a John Academy and Guild Training International Qualified Alternative therapist, specializing in one of the five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. She is also a certified practitioner of Master Chia Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Full Body Massage, and Acupressure for Pain Relief.

Louise has the observation and analysis skills to make a thorough diagnosis. She is devoted to her patients and has an acute awareness through extensive training and personal experience that enables her to carry out her work to the best of her abilities.

She has a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and can accurately target the points on the body where energy imbalances are concentrated. She does this by following the techniques that Master Chia taught her in person during her training in Malaysia.

Louise’s Mission

Patients seek her help for both physical and psychological problems. She always listens to them to understand the nature of their ailments to identify their needs as precisely as it is humanely possible.  Through a rebalancing of the energies circulating in the body, Louise helps to overcome, once and for all, ailments as diverse as allergies, migraines, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and lack of concentration.

Electro Magnetic Acupuncture (Without Needles)

Nerve Connect an Acupuncture Clinic in Penarth is the only one that uses Electromagnetic Acupuncture without needles to treat our patients’ ailments and illnesses. Our therapy is a unique combination of Acupuncture, Electric Cupping and Massage Therapy.

Electromagnetic acupuncture allows for a more intense and deeper flow of energy, resulting in a rapid decrease in pain. This technique is particularly effective in the case of chronic pain. The electromagnetic fields act by stimulating the functioning of the cells. They also activate blood circulation, which promotes the supply of oxygen and nutrients around the body and the location of the organism. The iron in the blood acts as a conductor of this magnetic energy.

The conditions we can treat at Nerve Connect:

Our alternative holistic treatment can be used to treat spinal pain, muscle pain, rheumatic pain, menstrual pain, migraines, neuralgia, allergies, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, injuries from sports and accidents.

Functional disorders: (digestive, respiratory, sexual, hormonal) and skin problems: (acne, psoriasis, poor healing) can also be treated during sessions with Louise.  This list is far from exhaustive.

A few treatment sessions are enough to help alleviate these problems and improve your quality of life. No drugs are administered during our interventions. We encourage and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Completing Western Medicine

Treatment with traditional acupuncture, electromagnetic acupuncture or any other alternative therapies will always be established with complete clarity in relation to Western medicine.

The acupuncture therapist will carry out a thorough clinical examination of the patient, including appropriate questioning to understand the patient’s medical and physical status. The diagnosis follows the conventional rules of observation and questioning and adds up some criteria specific to acupuncture.  Such as examining the tongue and taking the six pulses, among other things.

In this context and according to the needs expressed by the patient, Louise will:

  • Ask the patient about their health history and habits.
  • Carry out Acupuncture therapy in the troubled area.

When does the healing take place?

From the initial consultation, we get a result according to the parameters of Chinese medicine, which then allows us to set up therapeutic strategies adapted to the patient as well as the number and frequency of sessions required. Louise then proceeds with the planned sessions. These may consist of placing the electromagnets on the different areas of the body where the diagnosed energy imbalances and pain are concentrated.

From there, the practitioner can give advice on lifestyle and diet, and suggest massage and specific exercise routines.  A follow-up is often necessary to determine the effectiveness of the treatment and if further sessions will be required.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions is very difficult to estimate initially and is determined by how well you respond to the treatment. It depends on the pathology, its depth, and whether the symptoms are related to a chronic condition or have recently occurred.  Louise will discuss the treatment strategy and recommend the number of sessions with the patient.

The initial sessions will be close together.  Subsequent sessions will be set at more distant intervals depending on the type and severity of the condition being treated.

Why is Nerve Connect the ultimate path to healing?

When an illness occurs, it carries a message. It is the signal, the alarm cry of your body that the balance is broken and that it must be re-established so that harmony can be restored.

This holistic approach to the person is sometimes not considered by modern western medicine as it focuses on general physical discomforts that we suffer from and the organ or the part of the body that is affected. Alternative medicine is interested in the human being that we are. The former focuses on eliminating the symptoms, while the latter looks for the causes of the problem.

In this diametrically opposite approach, modern medicine considers people as patients only and therefore passive. The doctor makes a diagnosis, issues a prescription if needed and decides on treatment. This mechanical vision is based on the idea that the machine that is the human body has broken down and that repairing it requires an external intervention with surgery or medication. It does not ask for any active participation from the patient and does not try to stimulate his/her natural healing capacities.

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At Nerve Connect, we complement traditional medicine, its analyses, and its check-up, and we heal the deep causes of the disturbances by engaging in the process of holistic healing.

Our mission statement at Nerve Connect is not to fix us temporarily but to help people become who they really are and to understand how their lifestyle has contributed to the development of their physical problems. Physical problems are only the tip of the iceberg and not the only thing that needs to be healed.

Our holistic approach is considered more effective because change occurs at all levels.  Therefore, positive changes are more likely to be long-lasting and improve a person’s overall quality of life. The goal of aligning body, mind, and spirit promises a happier, healthier and more balanced state of being.

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient system of health and wellness used for thousands of years. While Western medicine focuses primarily on the treatment of the disease, Chinese medicine considers the overall well-being of the individual. It was this aspect that appealed the most to Louise Downey, the founder of Nerve Connect at the Penarth acupuncture clinic. It prompted her to pursue in-person training with Master Chia himself in his native Malaysia.

It was this visit that enabled her to treat her Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster Headaches, which she had suffered from for over a decade and for which she had been unable to find relief with western medicine or to find the source.

“I was living on a daily diet of painkillers, but this wasn’t living; it affected my quality of life, adversely. Desperate to stop the pain and, after trying every medication and treatment, I began to lose hope”.

Your body is intelligent and self-sufficient

Each structure of your body is forming a coherent, inter-dependent whole entity. Together with your mind and emotions, your physical body structures form a miraculously complex and interconnected system powered by the life force energy.

You are at one with nature

Changes in nature are always reflected in your body. Traditional Chinese medicine considers various elements such as the current season, the geographical location, the environment that surrounds you, as well as your genetics.

You are born with a natural self-healing capacity

Your body is a microcosm that reflects the macrocosm. Think about it: if nature has a capacity for regeneration, so do you. Sometimes this capacity may seem lost or difficult to access, but it is always there.

Prevention is the best cure

Does your body repeatedly reveal signs of your bad health? Let’s face it, it’s common to ignore these signs or symptoms until something more serious happens. Our Penarth acupuncturist teaches you to interpret what your body is telling you.

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