I had the course of electromagnetic acupuncture treatment offered by the lovely Louise at Nerve Connect, in November 2020. I am a cluster headache sufferer and have pretty much lost the last 2 years of my life to this debilitating condition. I had exhausted all medicinal plans when I was introduced to this treatment. I cannot recommend this treatment enough to anyone suffering from clusters. If you are considering this, I suggest you dive in with both feet and commit to the 15 sessions. I can only offer my experience, I am now off all medication, and have completed the 15 sessions. I can now sleep through the entire night. I used to dread going to bed as I would wake several times in agonising pain. Louise has given me my life back. She is kind, compassionate & empathetic. Louise made me feel comfortable in each session which, turned into being my daily hour of self-love & fun. Louise was there for me at every step, when having treatment & most importantly when I was alone, an…


After lots of problems with awful shoulder pain over a long period of time and taking lots of tablets, I had to have an MRI scan to see what was going on in my neck/shoulder area. I was then diagnosed with a condition whereby Physio was recommended to try to strengthen the surrounding area around the diagnosed problem.

On my first visit to a Private physio and before treatment they performed a test on my Bicep, Tricep and wrist jerk in my arms to check for responses and to see how much damage had been done. During the test, which was repeated on both sides of my body, it was ascertained there was no response on the three points on my left arm side but all was fine on my right-hand sidearm. 
I contacted Louise at Nerve Connect to see if she could help me further with the responses in my left arm. She accommodated me immediately as I wanted a few sessions before another physio appointment the following week.
At the first appointment for treatment with Louise, there was initially no response in my left arm when I had the treatment. After a lot of manipulation on my left arm and shoulder in the session, I suddenly could feel a sensation in that area.
I had another session with Louise and the responses in my arm became much stronger. On my next visit to the physio, I asked them to do the same test on the 3 points they tested on my first visit that had no feeling. My Tricep was re-marked as excellent, my Bicep better and my Wrist jerk improved. A huge difference in response over a period of only a week with a couple of sessions with Louise to regain feeling in my left arm.
I am no longer on pain relief for my shoulder and arm and can honestly say my two sessions with Louise have made a huge difference. I was one of the biggest sceptics of this sort of treatment when I first heard of it but now Nerve Connect is my first port of call when in pain because it really does work. Thank you, Louise, keep up the good work, cause you really are making peoples lives so much more bearable with your treatments x
Deborah B

Where do I start, 10 weeks ago I become really unwell with headaches and loss of taste in my mouth! It wasn’t Covid as I’d already had this in December 2021 and not really fully recovered.
To my horror, after a trip to A&E, I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy 😣 Instantly I fired all kinds of questions at the doctors and was not really given any answers or any support at all, the one Dr in A&E actually said to me that there isn’t a lot known about Bells Palsy and to just go home and rest and recovery can take anything from 2 weeks to 6 months !!
So I left the hospital with a 2-week course of steroids and antiviral tablets.
Over the course of the next few days, the paralysis in my face worsened and the tablets really didn’t seem to do anything and certainly didn’t help with the horrendous headaches, jaw ache and earache.
Along with this, the right side of my tongue was also paralysed, and my mouth couldn’t produce any saliva this led to more medication to ease the mouth ulcers and oral thrush.
After the 2 week course of medication to my horror, the pain got worse (apparently this is common) and I actually went 96 hrs with no sleep as at this point I couldn’t even close my right eye due to the severity of the paralysis.
Spoke to the GP given even more medication amitriptyline which apparently relaxes the muscles. Did not help at all.
Why I don’t know but I decided to put a post on my personal Facebook about my condition as a way of accepting what was wrong with me. I was then sent a message from an old friend/work colleague who recommended Louise to me and her words were “trust me” Louise will sort you out! At this point, I wasn’t ready for any intervention as everything I read online was conflicting, massage your face don’t massage your face so I didn’t make contact with Louise until 8 weeks after my initial diagnosis!
Why I waited I do not know, I made contact just over 2 weeks ago to meet with Louise for an initial consultation, at this point all I knew was it was some kind of acupuncture without needles but I was so desperate for some kind of relief I didn’t care what I was walking into.
When I arrived at Nerve Connect Louise instantly made me feel at ease and explained the procedure in-depth, had a small trial run of the treatment and instantly I knew I was at least going to get some kind of relief.
I have now had 3 sessions with Louise and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I ever made. I still have a long way to go in terms of recovery BUT after the first session, it allowed me to sleep for 2 hours as soon as I got home and then a full 8-hour sleep that night. There was a noticeable difference immediately with the lifting of the right side of my face and I woke up with no headache-!
After session two, I cried but these were tears of joy and I had full sensation and movement back in my tongue the following morning I woke up with saliva in my mouth first time since diagnosis.
This somehow gave me the confidence to actually go out to the shop and to visit family for the first time in almost 9 weeks as I can feel and visually see the improvements on my face.
Session 3, my eye has started to heal and I can almost fully close it which means I now don’t have to tape it down at night and rather than having a dry eye it’s now producing its own tears.
The treatment itself is very different to anything I have ever done before as I am possibly one of the most sceptical people about it. BUT trust me when I say this, is your feeling unwell and need help to speak to Louise and “trust her”.
I have added 4 pictures to show the reality of this, first picture was taken the day of my first treatment 25th April, 2nd the picture was taken after the first treatment, 25th April. 3rd picture was taken after the 2nd treatment on 28th April and the 4th picture was taken yesterday after the 3rd treatment, on 3rd May.
The next treatment is tomorrow and can’t wait to see what the results will be again, all small steps but positive ones and I am finally starting to feel human again.
Ruthie G

Myself and other family members have treatments carried out by Louise for neck pain and knee joint discomfort from arthritis, every treatment we have received has been Carried out with care and complete professionalism and always result s with relief from pain. I would recommend Nerve Connects services 100% and am so appreciative of what Louise has done for us. Thank you, Louise


What a lovely day. Made me feel so comfortable. Everything is in place for Covid 19. Will definitely be back. Thank you.